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We process our Caviar in-house, pack to order, and ensure rigorous quality standards for our nationwide distribution. Our traditional Persian Method Processing results in a superior Caviar that is evident to both the palate and the eye.

​We strive to provide outstanding customer service in the art and supply of high quality Caviar and Select Gourmet Foods. Our team is comprised of specialists who take much pride in every step of the process.

Our customer service is on hand to answer any questions and take your order.

"The caviar. Pul-lease. Fresh, nearly creamy, not overly salty (when buying, look for "malossol" Russian for 'little salt'), the caviar was beautiful. I ordered 1 ounce jars but you can get jars and tins up to 35 ounces."         

          -- Sue B.

"Ordered Caviar & Caviar Gift Set through Gilt City. Caviar showed up at my door literally the next day. Great value, very fresh product, nice presentation. Happy!"

          -- Maria S. 

Sasanian caviar brings with it the history and technique that sets apart our selection.

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